ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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hermione + text posts

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If you could take one of your cast members into the maze with you, who would it be and why? (x)

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Every time Bucky stops, it’s when Steve is speaking to him. He stops his attacks to listen to Steve. It’s not that he knows Steve, because he doesn’t, but he feels something. There is something inside of him that is telling him to listen to this man, this man will help you, this man is here for you, this man loves you. To which, of course, he reacts with more violence because that’s all the Winter Soldier knows. He can’t process the emotions that are going through him because they don’t make sense. More importantly, he’s not supposed to feel them.

But they come when Steve talks. You can see them on his face and his eyes and the way he moves. There’s fear, confusion, anger, desperation and even recognition (thank you, Sebastian Stan, for bringing all that to life). And those emotions are enough to make Bucky stop and listen, even if just for a second. 

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leave all your love and your longing behind

you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive

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True, our people live, but our culture is dying. We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year a little more of us is worn away.

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Dylan O’Brien ruining my life one seated dance move at a time.

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I will tell your story and keep you alive, the best I can

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#that’s it #that’s the entire character #’you can’t pick fights with people three times your size t hey’re gonna pummel you’ #’WE’LL SEE’ #’you can’t join the army steve #you’ll die #’you can’t go beyond enemy lines to rescue your friend steve it’s suicide #’you can’t save your brainwashed boyfriend he’s going to kill you’ #on va voir: an autobiography by steve grant rogers #’i didn’t sign up for this: a foreword by natasha romanoff’ (x)



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High School Student Nails It With This Epic Cat-And-Laser Yearbook Photo


High School Student Nails It With This Epic Cat-And-Laser Yearbook Photo


sweet dreams are made of bees
who am i, i’m made of bees
everything is made of bees
send help

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do action movies know they can have more than one female character

Someone should make an action movie with all girls except for one guy and have no explanation or mention of it in the movie and then pay all of the actors to act surprised like they’d never noticed when they get the inevitable storm of questions. 

This one male must have a shower scene, be saved by the protagonist at least once, and fall in love with a lead female.

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